Enrich Children’s Lives is a support network which promotes children’s education and wellbeing. It provides strategies using research-based principles, training and resources for teachers and parents. It was founded by Professor Valsa Koshy and Dr Elizabeth Koshy.

We have a special interest in ‘gifted’ children in relation to education and wellbeing and support a specific philosophy towards gifted and talented education in schools.

There is strong evidence that education and wellbeing are strongly interlinked.

Children are the flowers of society. Flowers need fertile soil and constant care to enable them to grow and flourish, radiating pleasure and happiness to those fortunate to share their surroundings. Teachers and parents are best placed to provide the required care to enable children to blossom into successful and happy members of society.

Professor Valsa Koshy set up the first university-based centre for gifted and talented education in England, in 1996, at Brunel University. She has helped many local authorities, schools and parents in their search for gifts and talents in children. She was awarded an MBE in the Queen’s New Year Honours list in 2019 (please click here for article relating to MBE). She has also led professional development courses for teachers in mathematics education for over 30 years. Uniquely, our work brings children’s education and wellbeing together by the involvement of Dr Elizabeth Koshy, with her background as a general practitioner and a medical researcher (with a PhD from Imperial College London). They work with a team of highly qualified and experienced experts.