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Find and Nurture Your Child’s Gifts: Boost your child’s learning potential and wellbeing 

This book encourages parents, grandparents and carers to adopt a mission – to ‘search, find and develop’ their children’s talents. The central message in this book is, instead of asking, ‘Is my child gifted?’ ask ‘What are my child’s gifts?’ These gifts are specific.

Intelligence is not fixed and how smart a child is, is not determined by their social background, specific difficulties or the challenges a child faces. All children have special interests and aptitudes, which need to be identified and nurtured. Society needs both academic achievement and other types of intelligences, such as leadership skills, curiosity, creativity and originality.

Based on research evidence and, between them, decades of experience, the authors – a professor of education and a medical doctor – share steps you can take to help your children towards reaching their full potential, supported by many practical ideas and case histories.

Many successful people’s special gifts were not recognised at school. For your child to succeed in life, you need to identify and nurture their diverse gifts and talents. You also need to encourage personal traits of determination, resilience and persistence.

Uniquely, this book also takes a holistic view of a child’s success in life and presents physical and mental wellbeing as the foundation of achievement and happiness.


“I discovered Professor Koshy’s valuable work developing the potential of disadvantaged children when I was Secretary of State and seeking to advance the agenda of social mobility. In this book she has looked more broadly at what ‘ability’ actually means and how to realise the full potential of children. It is a really valuable guide to child development, informed by a record of success benefitting many young people.”

Sir Vince Cable, Leader of the Liberal Democrats

“Parenting in the modern world is a very challenging task. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you and your child to make the most of their potential whilst avoiding the dangers of ‘hothousing’. The advice comes from mothers who are experts in their fields. It covers wellbeing and education and is based on the best available evidence. The guidance is readily practical and at the same time deeply principled. The central principle is that all children have enormous capacities for thinking and learning. This book shows parents how to identify and nurture these gifts. In the vast literature on parenting I know of no wiser, saner, more principled approach.”

Professor Charles Desforges OBE, International expert on the impact of parenting on school achievement

“This excellent book reminds us of the dangers of labelling; a real problem in modern society. One label which can do as much harm as good is that a child is gifted and talented. The authors rightly identify that gifts are specific and that every child has a strength or an interest which can be developed. Can be, but too often isn’t. Too many gifted children underachieve. Too many gifted children have poor wellbeing. Where this book really scores is the practical help it offers to parents to help their children to follow a positive path; developing a passion and putting in the effort which is often the key to fulfilment. I commend this book to parents and teachers alike.”

John Cridland CBE, Former Director ‑ General, CBI