What do we mean by ‘gifted and talented education’ ?

The terms gifted and talented are often used together or interchangeably. Gifted children are generally considered as those who show evidence of very high level performance, above their year group, or the potential capability to do so, in specific academic areas or in creative fields. Note the word potential.

With support and guidance from parents and teachers, many more children will show their special gifts.



Consistent with our philosophy and mission, we can offer advice and guidance for parents, based on our assessment, on the best ways they can support their children in their education and wellbeing.

The assessment process is designed to identify a child’s level of achievement, learning potential, as well as to identify their interests, passions and strengths.

The assessment for learning will consist of:

  • A short test of reading, writing and mathematics using standardised tests in the UK
  • Face-to-face interviews, separately with the child and parent(s)

We will also ask the children to bring an independent piece of work on their favourite topic.

Parents who need advice on aspects of wellbeing will be interviewed and advice given in writing. Both assessments can take place on the same day. It will take about 2 hours.

We will provide parents with a report on the performance in tests and advice on how to boost the children’s motivation, self-esteem which is for personal guidance and not for school purposes.

The cost of the assessment will depend on what is requested. Please email us with details.